Sword and Sorcery Magazine

I have good news. Winoc is back!

Sort of.

I’m really excited to have my first traditionally published piece–a short story in “Sword and Sorcery Magazine” called “The Land of Sun.” I published it under my pen name, T.S. Lance.

In a few months, I’ll post it here in three parts.

Hopefully, more stories about Winoc and crew will follow.

The Land of Sun” takes place 14 years after the end of arc 1. It’s told from the perspective of a prince of Aquitani, when Emile is a fully realized sorcerer.

Being published kinda feels like a big deal to me. I didn’t know what a team sport learning to write is, but now that I’m starting to turn out stories I know other people will read, I’m thankful for my wife Jessica, and the SF/F authors R.M. Hamrick and Austen Rodgers, who have read everything I’ve written for the last three years, including a couple of novels.

Can you imagine the patience they must have? XD

I hope you enjoy The Land of Sun.

“The Land of Sun” stands alone, but if you’re a true completionist, you can Start Here and read Emile’s story from the beginning.

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