Flash Fiction – The Moon Goddess

Petitioners huddled in their furs around the bonfire. They danced in circles, poured wine, and sang songs in honor of the sun. Only they could bring it back to life, or so their story goes. Diana wanted to feel what they felt. Wanted to know why they hated her. Her light shined on a sea of frost. The longest night of the year was the most beautiful, at least to her. When the world was still, her mind roamed free wherever her light fell. She watched through wispy clouds and felt very alone.

The moon was closer to them than ever, but they didn’t see her. She gave them life, and they wished her away.

They couldn’t understand that the sun was always with them. Couldn’t know that he had to share his light with others. All they needed was to wait their turn.

Diana felt the pull of the world, and for a moment, thought of pulling back. Maybe it could stay still forever. The little creatures knew nothing of the universe, nothing of her. Would their deaths be such a loss?

She stared wistfully at the sleeping trees and rolling white hills. Maybe later, she thought. When the sun scorches their fields, they’ll remember to love me.

Image by Darksouls1: https://pixabay.com/de/users/darksouls1-2189876/

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