Community Spotlight – Last Wake

I don’t know how I missed this piece when it went up, but I did, and I regret that because I really like it. The blog hasn’t been developed much yet, but the short story that’s there deserves some attention, because it’s really good.

Check out Glimpse

We plant the future in the ashes of the past.

It was what the Watcher had told me when he’d sent me out here. Meant as words of comfort, I suppose. Or perhaps a way of making this sound more meaningful than it felt. All I could think of now was that I wished I’d been able to afford the option of ignoring the past from somewhere cooler.

Dry, hard ground stretched in every direction, all of it covered by patches of golden grass that might have been tall enough to sway in the breeze if there’d been one. The monotony was broken only by a single muddy stream which meandered just nearby.

It had been a cloudless day, and the slow setting of the sun wasn’t helping with the heat as much as I’d hoped. The air was heavy and still in the evening light, and it was just dark enough for the insects to start getting bold. I guessed it would be another few hours before the bats and frogs rallied forces to combat them, but I planned to be gone before then.

This wasn’t somewhere people with good sense liked to visit.

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