Race to Exodus – John Calligan – Excerpt

This is from my novel Race to Exodus. I’m still looking for representation, but wanted to share a little.


She sighed. Her breath condensed in the chilly autumn air. Hopefully its decaying battery and the week of cloudy skies had forced it to shut down. A part of her was still anxious for the drone to show itself. She pressed a button on her binoculars and zoomed out so she could see the whole town. The tangled fields and mountains that cradled the valley were silent and empty. Only a few birds flickered above the conifer in the distance.

Her knees were soaked with mud from kneeling, but it didn’t bother her. Taylor took a deep breath of the cold mountain air and smelled the pine, stone and rot. Everything was so still. She looked at the town and imagined dying here, her body covered in vines and roses. But she wasn’t dying. She was leaving, and Noah had said he wouldn’t be coming. Thinking of it made her stomach tight. She bit her lip and froze, trying not to look at him.

It’d be easier if the drone killed me, she thought. Her somber eyes stared into the distance.

“Morbid much?” asked Noah.

Taylor shook her head. “Sorry, just been sitting a long time.”

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