Book Review: Chasing a Cure – R.M. Hamrick

I wanted to share one of my favorite books of the year with everyone. Chasing a Cure is about a runner named Audra, whose sister was infected by the zombie virus. The cure is available and society is coming back, even though the virus is still active and spreading. Audra gives up her sister as collateral on a loan for the equipment she needs to hunt zombies for the state. She isn’t out to kill. She’s helping retrieve them for paying family members who actually have the money for the anti-viral. Unfortunately, the state finds her too useful to let go.

Cure isn’t all fighting. There are some really touching moments in there, which makes it memorable.

The book is polished and professional with direct and clean prose. I was as happy with it as any book I purchased at a brick and mortar store.

Here is an excerpt:

Audra looked past their makeshift shelter to the soft drops of rain. She knew it could devolve into a pop-up storm and bring down their hovel of fence sections and tree branches. But for now, it was almost pleasant. Audra imagined the place would not be much smaller with a collapse. The three inhabitants already crawled on top of each other. For a moment, she took a deep breath and appreciated the structure’s ability to hide them from the biters and the rain’s patter to mask her mom’s quiet groans and her older sister’s whimpers.

Now was as good of a time as any.

In the isolated wood with no wanderers in sight, Audra turned her attention to her mother’s leg. The pant leg had been cut to her high thigh weeks ago to dress the wound. It had been redressed several times now, but it was still difficult to separate the flesh from the dressing.

Check out the author’s website: R.M. Hamrick

Or go straight to Amazon: Amazon Books: Chasing a Cure

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