Muse’s Success Web Fiction Reviews – I Need Your Help!

I just got listed on Muse’s Success. It’s a really cool website where you can search for web fiction and leave comments, ratings and reviews.

Standing out in the crowd isn’t easy. There is a lot of good web fiction out there. If you have enjoyed reading Winoc, it would be great if you would go to my page on their site and tell everyone.

Muse’s Success – Winoc the Traveler

If you just happened to see this post on Reader, Winoc the Traveler is a sword and sorcery serial about a trader trying to save his friend’s daughter from a dangerous swordsman that’s hunting her.

Web Serial: Erland the Northman – Winoc Part 1

Web Serial: Erland and Emile – Winoc Part 2


Follow me here as well. I’ll be updating Friday at midnight.

I really appreciate the support and hope you enjoy it.

– John

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